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Teaching kids how to flyfish on a trout stream in Michigan

Fly Fishing With Kids

Tips for Taking Your Children FlyFishing Taking your kids out fishing is a great way to spend quality time and teach them a great sport they will cherish the rest of their lives. In this article I will offer tips that will not only help you teach your kids to be better fisherman, but also […]

How to determine when to set the hook on a trout

The Timing of Your Fly Fishing Hookset For Trout

How to Properly Time Your Fly Fishing Hookset for Trout Under Various Conditions The speed of your hookset will have to change to accommodate the various trout species and also the water in which you are fishing. Nearly every day on the river I watch people set the hook too soon or to slow. Setting […]

How to fix your broken fishing rod on the water

Quick Fly Rod Repair on the River

How to Repair a Fishing Rod in an Emergency Situation If you have ever been on the river and experienced a broken fishing rod it can really turn an otherwise perfect day into a day of you watching trout feeding all around while your rod is totally out of commission. This super easy and effective […]

Thousands of hex mayflies fill the air above the water

Night Fishing 6-24 and 6-25-14

A Hex Hatch/Spinner Fall Fishing Trip in Michigan I spent the last couple days aggressively attacking fish in northern MI on the Pere Marquette river. The Hexagenia hatch has begun and fishing is starting to get good. This is the first year in at least 5 I have been able to hit this hatch, because […]

Big brown trout caught during the Michigan hex hatch

Fishing The Hexagenia (Hex) Hatch-Spinner Fall

Fishing the Hexagenia or Hex hatch After Dark If you have never been on a river all night long fishing during the Hexagenia  limbata (hex) hatch, you have no idea what you have been missing your entire life. The Hexagenia or hex for short, is a large mayfly that has a spinner fall after dark. I […]

Fly Fishing Basics

Fly fishing in Nova Scotia circa 1900

History of Fly Fishing

A Brief History of Fly Fishing Now, some fly fishing enthusiasts will probably know the entire history of fly fishing. However, for those of you who are slightly less clued up, here’s a brief summary of the glorious history of the sport. Let’s start at the beginning. So, what is fly fishing? Today, fish are […]

Fly fishing gear needed for the beginner

What Gear Do You Need To Start Fly Fishing?

Quick Start Gear List For the Beginner Flyfisherman If you are just getting into fly fishing and you need to know the gear required to get started, you have come to the right place. Starting new sports (especially ones as involved as this) can seem confusing and complicated to get your foot in the door. […]

The parts of a fly fishing rod

The Parts of a Fly Rod

Parts of a Fly Fishing Rod There are a lot of terms in the fly fishing industry that you will need to know to “talk the talk”. Learn the names of each part of the fly rod and reel that can get people confused in this great sport of flyfishing. Many visitors will find this […]

How to tie various knots used in fly fishing

Fly Fishing Knots

The Various Knots Every Fly Fisherman Should Know. Clinch Knot This extremely simple knot is one that you will probably be familiar with. It is perhaps the most common fishing knot used to tie on flies or lures. There are two variations of this knot know as the regular clinch knot (Which is what I […]

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Some Tips and Tricks

Fly fishing in small streams

Tips for Fly Fishing in Small Streams and Creeks

Small Stream Fishing= Extra Challenge but Great Rewards My dad started teaching me to flyfish for trout at a very young age, but soon after I took a liking to the sport he essentially stopped. That left the only feasible water to fish at the time some very small creeks and streams. At around 12-14 […]

Popper Fly

Trout Fishing With Poppers

A Fairly Well Kept Secret: Hooking Trout on Bass and Bluegill Poppers- We all know what poppers are, but many have never attempted to use them for trout. When you think of fly fishing for bass, large poppers are likely the first fly that pops in your head (no pun intended); but for trout? Yep, […]

Tips to catch trout in high, dirty water.

Catching Trout in Dirty and High Water

How to have a Successful Day Fly Fishing in High, Stained Rivers During spring there are several ways to catch trout in a filthy blown out river, you just have to know how. I will outline several ways to turn what could be a slow day, into a day ending with you signing autographs at […]

Chris Cornetet winter trout fishing

Winter Trout Fishing Tips

Catching Trout in the Winter- Fall comes to an abrupt end leaving you with an unfulfilled feeling  in your gut of having not caught nearly enough fish during the warm months. Perhaps it’s late winter and you are getting spring fever? Maybe you are just dying to try out that new fly fishing rod you […]

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