egg fly hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt Has Begun!

The egg flies are hidden, the hunt has begun!! All you have to do is find the egg flies that are hidden somewhere on this website. How Can I Join the Fun? Send me a message on the facebook page here or using the contact form here when you find … [Read More...]

Fly Fishing Basics

Steve Cornetet a guide a baldwin creek lodge with a nice early spring steelhead

Fly Fishing Rods for Steelhead – Rod Weight, Reel and Line Choices

Choosing a Fly rod For Steelhead You might be able to convert an existing trout rod you already own into your steelhead rod. Lets go over what size rod is appropriate and what you should consider. Generally I would opt for a crisp 7 weight rod for these strong fish, but a lot of people […]

The areas most likely to catch trout in any given river.

Trout Holding Areas

How to Catch Trout In a Given Section of River The red bulls eyes below show the high probability areas for hooking trout. See the full outline below. You likely won’t find too many areas like this loaded with this much quality habitat, but this should help you learn to identify trout fishing habitat. Even […]

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Some Tips and Tricks

Popper Fly

Trout Fishing With Poppers

A Fairly Well Kept Secret: Hooking Trout on Bass and Bluegill Poppers- We all know what poppers are, but many have never attempted to use them for trout. When you think of fly fishing for bass, large poppers are likely the first fly that pops in your head (no pun intended); but for trout? Yep, […]

Tips to catch trout in high, dirty water.

Catching Trout in Dirty and High Water

How to have a Successful Day Fly Fishing in High, Stained Rivers During spring there are several ways to catch trout in a filthy blown out river, you just have to know how. I will outline several ways to turn what could be a slow day, into a day ending with you signing autographs at […]

Chris Cornetet winter trout fishing

Winter Trout Fishing Tips

Catching Trout in the Winter- Fall comes to an abrupt end leaving you with an unfulfilled feeling ┬áin your gut of having not caught nearly enough fish during the warm months. Perhaps it’s late winter and you are getting spring fever? Maybe you are just dying to try out that new fly fishing rod you […]

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Umpqua bug flote, gherkes gink, fly-agra, liquid mucilin silicone, red can of mucilin, loon aquel, loon lochsa, frogs fanny, shimizake dry shake and dry magic floatants.

The Fly Floatant Test

A Test/Review of Several of the Top Floatants I will start by giving you an overview of what I hope to accomplish with this post, so if you wish you can get an idea of what is going to take place and then skip to the results.

Recent Articles

How to properly pack a fly fishing vest.

List of Non Essential Gear to Pack in Your Fly Vest

We all get a raging appetite while on the river. It seems that no matter how much junk food you bring along, it is always gone at the end of the day. Pack all of the essential gear items shown on this info graphic and you will be very happy on your next fly fishing […]

Homeless trout bum fly fisherman needs rich woman to buy gear

Signs that You Might be a Trout Bum

You Might Be A Trout Bum If.. #1). You have spent more money on fly fishing gear this year than you payed for your car. #2). Your idea of a blind date involves meeting a woman at a boat launch. #3). The last food you ate was a 2 year old doughnut that you found […]

Alevin, or trout with the egg yolk still attached.

Life Cycle of A Trout

The Trout’s Life The Trout has a fairly simple life cycle. I will break it down to the various parts here and explain a little about each cycle. The Eggs These eggs are laid in a gravelly and fairly swift area of a stream. The brook and brown trout will spawn in the fall, while […]

An example of a great trout net

Trout Nets

Styles and Materials of Various Trout Nets This might seem like a mundane subject, but there are a lot of different net styles to choose from. Here I will go over some of the styles offered and why I have chosen the models that I use. Nets are often a very important tool for the […]