Basic Fly Fishing Gear and Accessories Needed—Infographic

What Gear Do You Need To Start Fly Fishing?

This info-graphic was created to give you a list of fly fishing equipment and accessories needed to go fishing. There are always more items you could add to the list, but if you were to own only the fly fishing equipment in this image, you would be ready to go fishing.

Fly fishing equipment and accessories
Fly fishing gear needed for the beginner

Quick Start Gear List For the Beginner Flyfisherman

Fly fishing complete kit by Scientific Anglers.

Fly fishing complete kit by Scientific Anglers. This kit includes a rod, reel, line backing a leader, even flies and an instructional DVD to get you started quickly.

If you are just getting into fly fishing and you need to know the gear required to get started, you have come to the right place. Starting new sports (especially ones as involved as this) can seem confusing and complicated to get your foot in the door. As a beginner fly fisherman you are quite possibly looking at a sport that will change your life for the better- forever, getting started with the right gear is essential. One common misconception about this hobby is that it has to cost a fortune to buy all of the necessary gear; in reality you can be on a trout stream tomorrow hooking fish for less than a few hundred dollars. Granted, 300$ is not going to outfit you with the best equipment on the market, but it will be good enough for you to test the waters and decide if you are going to commit.

  • The Fly Fishing Rod: This is obviously a mandatory item. You should be able to find a good rod in the $100 range easily, not to mention it might even come standard with a lifetime warranty! You can visit the best fly rods for the money post for more information on choosing a great rod for a super deal.
  • Fly Fishing leaders


    Fly Reel:Reels are less important for the trout fisherman than the rod. This is a good place to save some money and go mid-grade. I would try to find a reel in the $50-60 range (unless you feel like spending more) Okuma among many other brands makes quality reels with good drags for reasonable prices.

  • Fly Line: Line is not something you want to get cheap on, expect to pay $40-60 for good fly fishing line. You can find out the differences between various types of fly lines here.
  • Leaders, Tippets and Backing: These basics are all mandatory as well, but won’t cost you too much at all. You can buy leaders for $3 dollars each and tippet for about the same amount per spool. You will probably want 2x, 3x, and 4x sized tippets at a minimum. If you don’t know what tippets, leaders and backing are, you can find out here.

That sums up what you need as far as the rod, reel and rigging needs. If you need to learn how to put all of it together, you can find out how to set up a fly reel here. Alternately, you could buy a complete fly fishing kit that includes everything you need to get started including an instructional DVD

Small Flyfishing Accessories You Should Own

    • Nippers: These are used to cut line and to clean out those manly outdoor dirt infested fingernails
    • Fly Floatant: This is used to keep your trout flies floating on the surface of the water.
    • Retractable Zinger: These will help you keep your nippers conveniently located, because you will need them each time you change flies or retie.
    • Net: A net will help you to land fish quickly and keep them in the water while you dig out your camera.
    • Fly fishing Vest: To keep organized you should have all of your vital equipment in one place. A vest, backpack or chest pack will be required. (See the Redington clark fork mesh vest review here)
    • Forceps: A great fly fishing accessory to keep in your vest. You never know when you will need these. Forceps or hemostats are very helpful for removing hooks from fish.

Optional Accessories:


Don’t forget to get a fishing license for your state and read up on the local laws and open fishing areas etc. You might be able to find a trout stream near you here on the interactive fishing maps page.

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