My Fish Was SO Big that… Top Ten Funny Fishing Jokes

Here is the Top 10 Countdown..

Of Stories you tell your buddies About the Massive Trout you Caught

Fat Brown trout Eating popcorn #1) That fish was so frieking huge, that when I took a picture of it, My camera started smoking due to an overloaded memory card.

#2) I caught a fish the other day that was such a giant  bohemoth, that when he finally came to the surface, I thought I was watching an old episode of flipper.

#3) You guys should have seen it.. The smallest spots on this brown trout were so huge, I actually thought One of them might open up and envelop the earth like a black hole on star trek.

#4) On my way back to the boat launch, I actually had to store my boat IN the fish to get back.

#5) As I was floating down the river yesterday..  I thought my boat got stuck on the bottom of the river, turns out it was a fish pushing the boat out of its way so it could eat my fly.

#6) I hooked a trout the other day that was such a blatant river pig, that its shadow weighed close to ten pounds!

#7) On my way back from the trout stream yesterday a group of anti-whaling protesters had gathered on my front lawn. They assumed the brown I caught was actually some type of porpoise.

#8) Speaking of porpoises..  I drove by a daycare on my way back from the river. All the kids hit the ground in tears. They thought It was “shamoo” hanging out of my boat.

#9) After wall street heard about that trout I hooked yesterday, the commodity price of fish tanked to an all time low. Turns out I crashed the market due to a surplus of fish meat.

#10) I knew that fish I pulled in looked familiar, I had seen him last year on the hit show “the biggest loser”,  he got kicked off because he was beyond the help of the personal trainers.

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