Flatwater Fatties Troutster Episode 8

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In this video, I encounter what I think is one of the most picky trout I’ve ever seen. This fish would not come more than 1 inch from his grass covered shady hiding spot to eat a fly. I try numerous fly patterns and presentations to fool this worthy adversary. 60 feet away I spend quite a bit of time trying to get a super small dry fly into his “chosen” feeding area. Do I catch it? You’ll have to watch and see 😉 If you want to learn more about my techniques for fishing large picky trout you can read all about it here.

Huge cutthroat trout caught on a dry fly in IdahoI also catch a few other fish in this video that are pretty big. One cutthroat was in the 20″ ranch and he put up a nice little tussle. During the intro to this video you will see a big rainbow trout that is well into the 20+ range. If I had to guess, I’d say that fish was all of 25 inches. It offered a pretty good view as it jumped close to 6 feet in the air and made a splash that reaches over 20 feet away! You will get a good view of this massive behemoth rainbow trout as it flies through the air in super slow motion (18% of normal speed).

Spectacular sunset over the river in IdahoIn the ending you’ll see a splendid sunset over the water and a large river otter who paid a visit just as the sun was setting. That otter was not happy that I had occupied it’s favorite fishing spot!

I’d like to show you pictures of all of the trout caught in this video, but I think we better keep a few surprises! Numerous large trout are brought to the net in what might be one of the most entertaining fly fishing videos we’ve made!


River otter in Idaho

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