Dry Flies

A fly box filled with various dry flies for trout

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Mayflies Caddis Patterns Stone Flies Various other Patterns Hoppers
Grey drake Goddard caddis Salmon Fly Parachute Madam X Daves Hopper
Adams Elk hair caddis Golden Stone Royal Trude Rainy’s hopper
Female Adams Henrysville special Clark’s stone Humpy Fly Pattern Parachute Hopper
Light cahill X-Caddis Stimulator Crane Fly Dry Cricket
Ginger Quill  EZ Caddis Yellow Sally Griffith’s Knat  Triple Decker Hopper
White Miller  Outrigger Caddis Twisted Foam Hopper or Stonefly  Royal Coachman
Hair Wing Wolf  Peacock Caddis Stimulator Chewtoy Royal Wulff
Brown Drake Damsel Flies
 Hex Patterns  Bivisible
 Green Drake Patterns   Beetle flies
 Light Hendrickson  Wickhams Fancy
 Isonychia Bicolor  Purple Haze
 Pink Cahill
Lady Beaverkill
 Male Beaverkill

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