Green Drake Dry Fly, Emerger, Cripple and Spinner Patterns

Emerger, spinner, parachute and dun green drake flies

Green drake fly patterns

The Green Drake

The Green drake Fanwing

The Green drake Fanwing dry fly. This pattern is one om my favorites for the hatch.

Tying the Green Drake Fanwing

  1. The tail on this particular fly is made from black elk hair, but any rigid floating hair will work.
  2. Tying a strand of orange or light brown floss sat the base of the tail, proceed to dub the fly with your green dubbing of choice.
  3. Once your fly has dubbing applied wrap your brown floss from the tail to the front in symmetrical wraps and tie it off leaving room at the front of the fly for your hackle.
  4. Apply your blue dun wings and finish by wrapping the entire front end with dense green hackle material.

Green drake parachute

Green drake parachute

Materials to tie the green drake parachute include:

  • Black elk body hair
  • Natural elk body hair
  • Yellow floss
  • Green synthetic dubbing or natural rabbit fur
  • Green hackle


Green drake cripple pattern image the the bottom of fly

Green drake cripple below view

Green drake cripple side view of pattern

Green drake cripple side view of pattern


Thin pin green drake emerger

Thin pin Green drake emerger: This small piece of foam at the top of this fly will keep it floating well and also gives it a little more visibility than the version in the image below. The parachute style of this pattern always keeps it floating just the way you want it- right side up.

Another style of green drake emerger pattern.


Green drake spinner

Green drake parachute spinner. This has to be my favorite spinner pattern for the green drake hatch, it is very simple and effective.

These are large mayflies that will attract attention of some of the biggest fish in the river. During this hatch it is possible to catch truly large fish on these dry flies. It is important to keep some flies of each type available, because fish are known to be very selective and picky during the green drake hatch.

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