Flash back hares ear

The Flash back hares ear is made from the hair on a hare’s ears, that’s obviously why it is named this way. The shaggy appearance of the rugged hair this fly is created from tends to give it the natural appeal to the fish. It is not meant to be a “perfect” looking fly, the guard hairs of the rabbit fur tend to give it somewhat natural looking legs.

The hairs ear nymph

Flash Back hare's ear Nymph

Flash Back hare’s ear Nymph The flashy wing case give it a little added appeal to the trout.

It is a versatile nymph that accurately represents a lot of aquatic insects. This is a very popular nymph fished around the world with great success. The flashy wing case in the nymph shown give it the appearance of a soon to be adult insect about to emerge. I have found this fly to be especially effective for rainbow and brook trout, but all species of trout are susceptible to it’s allure.

This effective fly can be tied with or without a bead head for weight and will work for any species of fish that are targeting nymphs. I have even found this to be an extremely effective pattern for bluegill fishing.

The gold ribbing can be tied with golden tinsel or the round style gold wire, I have found the tinsel to be significantly more flashy, but the wire tends to be a lot more durable. You can also substitute the flash back shown in the images above with mottled turkey tail for a wing case for a more natural appearance.

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