Trout Holding Areas

How to Catch Trout In a Given Section of River

The red bulls eyes below show the high probability areas for hooking trout. See the full outline below.
The areas most likely to catch trout in any given river.

You likely won’t find too many areas like this loaded with this much quality habitat, but this should help you learn to identify trout fishing holding zones. Even one of these small examples in a section of river should  have fish.

A). This location would be a slam dunk. On the downstream side of this bridge piling would have a small eddy with insects collecting. The seam flowing off the piling would also have a steady supply of food floating past any waiting trout. The log shown in this area would be the icing on the cake. In a real fishing situation there would indeed be a fish sitting in this spot.

B). Similar to spot A, this bridge piling would also have fish resting in the slower currents behind it. They would watch the seam where the 2 currents come back together. A high potential to catch trout here if you could pull off the tricky drift.

C). As you can see, this location is the convergence of a small creek and the main river. On the seam where these two rivers meet would be a string of insects for food. It would be almost a certainty that trout would be sitting here.

D). The fish in this spot would be enjoying all sorts of benefits. They could watch the seam flowing off the bridge piling, rest in the slightly slower water created by the large rock and feed on insects on the rocky bank.

E). Similar to spot (D) the fish here would have slightly slower currents, because of the rock slowing it’s momentum. This would likely create a small area of slack water close to the upstream side of this rock. Insects would be easy targets for trout here.  

F). This small grassy point would offer easy food for trout. They would be resting close to the bank in a small eddy, watching the current at the bottom of the feeder creek as the water meets the main river. I would expect to catch more than one fish here.

G). The lower end of this rock would clearly offer a nice place to rest in mild current and offer easy meals for the trout in the swirling current.

H). Trout should be piled up like cord wood in this spot. They would be watching the remainder of the creek/main river seam while enjoying the mild current created by the rock pile just up stream. I would fish this spot hard, because within this small area is nearly everything a river trout could ask for.

I). This is pretty much whats left over from spot (H). Not only is there the last bit of seam from the creek coming into the main river, but another set of converging currents created from the rock pile. You could likely catch fish for a long ways downstream in this particular current line.

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