One Hit Wonder – Big Rainbow, Small Fly

In this short video I captured some good footage of a rainbow eating my fly. I decided to sneak into some brush at close range to a big feeding fish. I wanted to get the most up close video as possible and I seem to have succeeded in getting some good shots. I tied on a size #18 parachute dry fly and convinced a big bow to eat. He put up a nice fight, but most of that footage was not perfect so I edited it out. During the filming of this video, I was making a Youtube live stream to the Troutster flyfishing channel, so I had too many things going on to get perfect footage with all cameras. I missed a couple of big jumps, but in the end I caught the fish and most of the cameras got good video.

You might notice that there is a light amount of fog in this video, that is because I ruined that camera somehow. I sent it in yesterday for repair, but I have a feeling I won’t be able to afford Canon’s repair costs. I’ll be making a post soon to explain my predicament.

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