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A 16 foot drift boat made by stealthcraft boats of baldwin MISeveral years ago a good friend of mine took over a boat business in the poverty stricken area of North west MI. In lake county the employment rates are record highs, and overall the prospect of owning a thriving business in this area is slim. Against all odds, Stealthcraft Drift Boats has emerged from this small northern Michigan community. Its not because the boats are pretty that they have been successful, its because stealthcraft will accommodate your needs and give you what you want. 

If you are seeking a unique design or custom boat, I doubt you will find any boat manufacturer more accommodating than stealthcraft.

If you have a need for 2 seats in the front, it will be done (see image). There are tons of other ways to customize these things, and that is strictly limited to your imagination. A few years I told Mike (Stealthcraft owner) that I wanted a foam filled cooler for insulation as my front seat; But I wanted all the foam covered inside and out with fiberglass. 2 days later I showed up and I had it integrated seamlessly into my boat.

The Northern Michigan Economy: Over a Dozen Less People on Unemployment Due to Stealthcraft

Custom Stealthcraft Drift Boat

Custom Stealthcraft Drift Boat

Times are tough, but people need to fish! Even in the heart of the worst part of the economy crashing 2008-present, people have still spent considerable amounts on fishing items. I have been a guide for a long time and it seems even though times are tough, people still spend money to go on vacations and fishing trips. It would seem that being strapped for cash, doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying yourself. I didn’t write this to complain about the state of the economy, so lets move on..

Stealthcraft uses high tech materials to deliver performance on the river

The core of a stealthcraft is all air! By using a honeycomb core and layers of glass around it stealthcraft delivers supreme impact resistance and astonishing durability.


Now.. I didn’t try to turn this into some sort of advertisement, it just came out that way. If you are interested in helping the Michigan economy, supporting local eastern businesses and getting a supreme bang for your buck driftboat, you should give stealthcraft boats a look. 

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