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Trout and Fly Fishing Videos

Below is a small collection of some of the trout fishing videos from the last few years. Sorry about the techno music in some of the earlier videos.

Extreme Hooksetting! Must See!

Here it Is! Part 2 of the Brown Trout Boxing match. You can watch this wiley brown trout do some serious dance moves! He does a few different ones in this episode. He does a dance called the san juan worm, the mayfly breeding dance and he also flashes his streamer!

This is a Recent Funny Video about a brown trout and a fly fishing rod.

This is a collection of fish caught in weekend of Fly fishing for trout in Michigan.

Summer of 2009, a few fish from Various Idaho rivers

This one is pretty exciting. I was streamer fishing for Browns and hook a big steelhead on a streamer in Michigan.

I took lots of video footage on my days off. This is a collection of trout footage from August 2008 in Idaho.

Montana and Idaho trout fly fishing footage from 2010

Some small creek cutthroat trout fishing in Idaho.

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