Twisted Foam Hopper

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Rolled Golden Twisted Hopper (or Stonefly)

Twisted foam Stonefly or hopper pattern
The twisted foam technique is very effective for extended bodied flies.

I am not sure if this mimics  a stonefly or a hopper more, so as you can see in the title, I’m a little confused about what to call it. This has been a really great pattern for me since I discovered it a couple years ago. There have been plenty of summer guide trips where this beauty of a fly saved the day.

To tie this fly it a very simple task. You simply need a cylindrical piece of foam and twist it. You twist it until it doubles over on itself, then tie it quickly in place on the hook. There are endless ways to use this technique for several types of flies. As can see it works well for hoppers and large stoneflies, but would also be great for cicada patterns. I have used it successfully to tie some very large hex mayflies as well.

This particular pattern shown is so visible and hooks so very many fish its amazing. It works wonders during the Golden stone hatch or all summer long as a go to hopper pattern. You should be reaching into your pocket to check for your car keys right now, to go shopping for foam. Or buy from amazon here->Fly Tying Foam Tubes

Twisted foam hopper pattern

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