This post was last updated on July 1st, 2021 at 08:35 am

Welcome to the New Troutster Survival section! Here I am focusing on survival tips, tricks, bushcraft and things of that nature. If you’ve come to see fishing stuff, go here to troutster.com. In this area, it is all about teaching people and learning about how to survive in the wild. In my many years of hunting and fishing pursuits, I have ended up in a lot of tricky situations that I barely made it out of. If it wasn’t for spending a lot of time learning how to make fire, find safe water and navigate using the stars— I doubt I’d be here. As many of you know, the Troutster Outdoors Youtube channel is slowly transitioning into having a lot more survival stuff on it. Be sure to check that out or watch some of the embedded videos in the sidebar and throughout this site.