Wild Geranium

This post was last updated on July 1st, 2021 at 08:35 am

wild geraniumGeranium is a common plant and can be great to look at, but  it also has other benefits. You can eat the roots (rhizomes) and help to heal stomach ulcers and other internal sores. This plant is considered an astringent, which will tighten up the tissues and even heal up a cold sore in a hurry! You can also place the rhizomes of the wild geranium on a burn to help heal your wounds faster.

This plant is better from an herbalist standpoint than it is in the wild edible category, but you can eat it. You can mix the rhizomes, leaves or seeds of the wild geranium with alcohol or glycerine and make a tincture for your wounds.

So this is a great plant for not only the people who just love wildflowers in the rocky mountains, but also the survivalists and doomsday preppers who just want to learn about living off the land. Edible, healing and usually in great supply: make this a great plant to be able to identify.wild geranium plants and leaves