Youtube Demonetization

On Feb 20th 2018 Youtube took the small amount of money away that I make on all of my channels. I have a channel with hundreds of videos, started in 2005 (the year youtube began). Most people think creating videos doesn’t cost anything. Well I assure you, it does. I pay 50$ a month just for Photoshop and Adobe premiere to edit videos.(That’s 600$ per year) Then there is the cost of my cameras is well into the thousands of dollars (not to mention the drone (see the drone crash at the end of this video) and canon xa20 ruined this past summer while filming. That’s 4000$ right there gone…

youtube demonetization Youtube De-monetized a ton of videos for seemingly no reason a few months ago, but now they’ve really crossed the line and taken away 100% of revenue for millions of youtubers. Many people online are talking about how a youtuber who doesn’t meet the new criteria (1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view time in the past year) could not be making any real money anyway, well I was making some. Between all of my channels, it added up to hundreds of dollars per month. This is a really serious blow to moral, and to my pocket.

Now imagine the cost of gas to drive somewhere to fish (one full day is common) edit the video (another full day). If you don’t upload often enough for youtube’s standards, they will penalize you with their algorithm and nobody will ever even see your videos. How can a new youtuber ever win? Because at some point in time, money needs to be made to pay bills. How can one have a job and still upload enough to please youtubes new algo? Sure,…I could do what more than 50% of youtubers do and literally copy and re-upload other peoples videos. How about that youtube? Would that create a nice video website? A site filled with the same re-hashed garbage? That is where it’s headed.

Remember that time your toilet was broken and you went to youtube to find a great video by a small youtuber who helped you fix that toilet up in no time? That guy just got all of his youtube money taken away too. Next time you might not be so lucky to find a good video, because nobody wants to spend hours working for no pay. It is much easier to just install a car part, than it is to install it while filming, then edit it and upload it. I’m truly afraid that one day that type of youtuber will quit. Uploading a video here and there is kinda fun, but making 30, 40 or even 50 fishing videos a year is a full time job.

I am literally one button tap away from wiping out every youtube account I own out of sheer principle. I deleted almost 50 videos last night, and I’m considering deleting entire channels. Sure, I’ll just be replaced by the thousands of other fishing channels. Hopefully they stop wasting their time as well. As for me, I guess I’m getting a real job. I truly might be done with youtube. #rant