Arizona Trout Streams Map

This post was last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 03:36 pm

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Much of Arizona’s trout fishing areas will look just like this. Spectacular canyons with red colored rock walls.

Trout fishing in Arizona can be very good. This state has a very large stocking program where they regularly plant fish from hatcheries in several rivers. In AZ, you also have the opportunity to catch some trout species that you won’t find except for in this area of the US (Gila trout and Apache trout) both of which are the only 2 native trout to the state of Arizona. You can also find healthy populations of rainbow trout that are often stocked in conjunction with the 2 aforementioned trout species.

If you want more info on where to catch trout in AZ, you can go to the following link which will lead you to Arizona fish and game dept. website.