How to Find Food During a Survival Situation

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Learning how to find food during a survival situation is obviously very important. It is not as important as finding safe water to drink, but its right up there. Without any sort of nourishment, the body will begin to break down and ultimately lead to death. Some early signs of starvation include: hyperactivity, irritability and impulsivity. If you are in the wilderness starving, it will take a severe mental toll and shortly after, your body will begin breaking down muscles (including organs) just to keep the nervous system and heart muscles functioning. The mental problems with starvation will be your biggest enemy as you fight to stay alive and try your best to make rational life and death decisions about how to best proceed with surviving.

How to Find Food to Survive

There are a lot of great ways for you to find food in a tough wilderness situation. You should try to “cast your net” as wide as possible to increase the chance that you will get enough. You will need to constantly be on the lookout for new sources of food and always have as many traps set and fishing lines out as possible while you forage for wild edible plants and explore new areas to conquer.


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Trapping is a great way to be catching food while you sleep and while you spend time doing other important survival things. The more traps you have set, the better your odds of having a supply of protein coming your way. Click the links below to explore some trapping methods.

Foraging for Wild Edible Plants

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Catching animals can be tough sometimes, perhaps your best shot a fast food in the wilderness is eating wild edibles. Learn about some of the types of edible plants below and a few tips on how to test wild plants to find out if they are safe for human consumption. Finding wild edibles is a great skill to learn if you ever plan to make it in the wilderness. Hunting and trapping take a lot of energy, so if you find a big source of wild plants to eat, you will have some calories, vitamins and minerals to keep you going as you try to track down a large source of protein.


Our final method for How to Find Food During a Survival Situation is hunting. There are a lot of animals out there and hunting will be one of the faster ways of getting meat front of you. You should consider keeping a small slingshot in your backpack in case you have an easy opportunity at birds and small mammals. When you are sitting perfectly still in the forest, it’s amazing how close many of these unsuspecting animals will come to you. There are several animals that are particularly easy to hunt in most areas of the US, one such animal is the porcupine. Last year I went out and filmed a catch and cook porcupine video, watch that at this link. Porcupine meat is delicious and filled with fat to keep you warm and energized. They cannot move fast at all, so you can literally hunt them with a stick! Another good weapon to have with you for survival is a .22 caliber. I have a Ruger 10/22 takedown model that I used in the aforementioned porcupine video, it fits right inside of a backpack and it is extremely accurate. I hope if I am ever lost in the woods for a long period of time that I have that awesome rifle with me.

Key Takeaways – Finding Food in Survival Situations

In a survival situation, finding food becomes your number one priority. There are many ways to go about this but the most important thing is being able to stay still and quiet so you can outsmart animals in their natural environment. If you ever find yourself lost in the woods with no supplies or resources, try using these tips for how to find food during a survival situation!