Procuring Clean Water

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How to Clean Water for Survival

Water purification and filtering methods in the wilderness. No matter where you are you will need water. There is almost always a way to obtain it. You just have to know how to extract it from the land around you. Many times there is plenty of water around, it is just dirty water unsafe for consumption. There are often times very dangerous parasites in unfiltered water sources. Learn here the ways to obtain clean, potable water using natural filter making techniques and using other tactics such as transpiration. The human body can go a while without food, but without water you will be doomed in short order. Learn more here about the effects of dehydration on the body, this will help you notice the signs of dehydration before its too late.

The Dangers of Unfiltered Water in the Wilderness

Cryptospiridium – Photo courtesy of CDC

Be it a river, lake, stream, spring or even a mud puddle. The main concern about backpackers and survivalists drinking un-filtered water, is the potential for giardia and cryptosporidium. These are microscopic parasites often found in water from animal feces. The Giardia parasite comes mostly from beaver, muskrat, human and dog feces. Cryptosporidium is generally thought to mostly come from cattle and other large animals. You can become deathly ill if you choose to drink unfiltered/purified water in a survival situation. So be sure to use caution, and keep in mind that any water (even the most clean and clear looking) can contain these dangerous parasites.

Water Filtration and Purification Options

lifestaw filter
Lifestraw filter – Check it out here on Amazon

There are a lot of different filters, purifiers and even tablets you can quickly and easily clean your water with. If you are lucky enough to have a water filter or iodine pills with you when you enter a survival situation, that is great! You can do yourself a big favor and pick up a couple of cheap options to make yourself ready for whatever comes your way. Learn more about portable water purifiers and filters here, including the benefits of carrying cheap iodine pills. This very small investment in technology can make your life easier next time you get lost in the woods.

Bushcraft Water Filters and Making Potable Water in the Wilderness

how to make a water filter tripod
Water filter tripod

The following links will help you learn several techniques for filtering your own water out of natural materials you can find in the wild. Once you master a few of these tactics, you’ll be much more confident and capable of surviving in the wild away from civilization.

Using the info provided and linked to on this page, you should be able to procure safe drinking water in a survival or SHTF situation. Check back soon, because this page will be updated with new and exciting ways to filter water in the wilderness.