Oregon Trout Streams Map

This post was last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 03:47 pm

This beautiful state has a lot of different rivers for you to enjoy. Most of the larger rivers will also have a decent population of salmon and steelhead in the spring, fall and winter. Some of the wilderness areas here are breathtaking with cedars, fir trees and large ponderosa pines, you can taste the humidity in the air and you feel like you can expect a bigfoot to pop out of the woods at any moment. I have not listed too many rivers here, but the state is literally full of them. I am careful about posting information on smaller less popular rivers.  You can rest assured that driving in the mountains will lead you to plenty of small streams in Oregon that are filled with trout.

USGS current stream flow Data here

You can find the regulations and season information here at the Oregon Fish and Game website

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