Making Fire

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Various Ways of Making a Survival Fire

How to make fire in a survival scenario is one of the most important skills you can acquire. On this page you will find a lot of different ways to accomplish this. Including ancient strategies of the bow and drill, fire drill, using batteries and even using your car. Click on one of the following links to have a look at some creative ways to make a fire without using a lighter or matches. I will be adding more to this page periodically as posts and videos are made on this very important subject.

Making a Fire With Natural Forest Materials

This bow and drill setup is a great way to get an ember fast.

If you are stuck in the forest trying to keep warm or cook food without a way to make a fire, it is very bad feeling. In this area, we will explore a few ways to make a fire using almost exclusively materials you can find in the forest. It is very possible to light a fire using just sticks and bark from trees.

  • Making a Fire with a bow and drill: This is perhaps the best way to go if you have the proper materials to pull it off. The bow spins the drill much faster than a human hand alone could, so the heat is created very quickly.
  • How to make a fire with a hand drill: A hand drill is similar to the bow and drill method above, except you are using the palms of your hand to spin the drill. It is not ideal, but if you don’t have a string long enough to make a bow it is very possible to light a fire with this method.

Ways to Light Fires with Batteries, Flashlights etc.

how to light a fire with a flashlightIf you happen to have some batteries, a flashlight, a car or other types of technology; there is usually a way to start a fire. Here are just a few examples for you to consider if you find yourself SOL in a survival situation.