Mouse and Streamer Patterns for Night Fishing Trout

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The best Mouse fly patterns for fly fishing trout at night

The Best Mouse Flies and Streamers for Fly Fishing at Night

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Night fishing for trout is an extreme amount of excitement, but what flies are the best for this? Well I have compiled a list of some of my best night fishing for trout flies. These include several mouse patterns and even a couple streamers that you might not have expected. There are a couple ways to fish all of these patterns and that includes swinging and stripping. When I say swinging and stripping that might sound a little dirty, but you can rest assured this is g rated and costs less than anywhere else that might have stripping taking place.

Trout Have Good Night Vision

It is actually so good that they can see darker flies better because of the way they silhouette against a dark sky. A light colored fly might have much less contrast and be more difficult for the trout to hone in on. So you will notice the color choices of some of these flies and might otherwise think I was insane, but you can rest easy knowing that these flies are all proven producers of large brown trout and rainbows at night.

Mouse Rat Fly Pattern:

This is a pretty large mouse fly for trout. This seems to be one of my “go to” flies for night fishing large browns. The size of this fly will attract a lot of attention from the fish. It moves quite a bit of water and is sized about perfectly to represent an adult mouse. Notice the heavy monofilament hook guard, this will keep your fly from hooking most trees and logs, but will not really effect your hookup rate on trout (that I have noticed).

 Mouse rat fly for night fishing trout

The Loco Mouse:

This is a smaller pattern that will often work when many other mouse patterns fail on your night fishing trip. These tend to float lower in the water and their small size will trigger hits from trout that refuse to eat a larger fly. I am not sure if the picky trout are eating it because it is smaller or because it usually sits lower in the water, but either way it works. Loco mouse trout flyLoco mouse is a great pattern when the night fishing gets slow

The Morrish Mouse Pattern:

This is certainly near the top of my list of night flies for trout. If I were on my way to the river and realized I had forgotten this pattern I would probably turn around and go back home to get it. This fly had a wide body that moves a ton of water, a nice rabbit strip tail to give it some under water appeal and a bit of foam on top to keep it floating good for hours. The shape of the foam around the head will “pop” and give the monster brown trout something to consider. Morrish mouse pattern for troutMouse patterns for night fishing trout: Morrish mouse

Other Mouse Patterns Worth Mentioning

Mini Mouse:

This is just a small version of the Standard mouse rat fly, these are worth keeping around when fish get finicky. This fly actually works during the day pretty good. It has the leather tail and ears, along with a monofilament hook guard for snag prevention.

Mini mouse pattern with leather tail and ears.

Standard Mouse Fly Pattern

Just another variation of the Mouse fly, this is an overall pretty good pattern, but personally I like them to be less trimmed than this fly usually. The natural flare of the deer hair really pushes a lot of water and attracts attention from the fish. This fly has its place when the fish are not very feisty and looking for an easy meal. Standard Mouse Fly Pattern for trout
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Streamers For Night Fishing Trout

Streamers are a good way to hook fish after dark. As mentioned above, I prefer darker flies for the night fishing game. You can coat these streamers with fly floatant and keep them close to the surface, or leave them natural and swing them through pools and holes.  However you choose to fish them I am sure you will enjoy the outcome. They are extremely effective flies for night fishing trout and should not be held responsible if a trout pulls your rod out of your hands.

Butt Monkey Streamer:

This is one of many variations of dark colored streamers that I have had success with for large brown trout at night.  throw your fly strait across the river and don’t mend it. Let the current move the fly, this will have this fly swinging through the big trouts zone and attract aggressive fish. The most enjoyable part about swinging flies in this manner is the strike from the fish. It always comes very suddenly and feels really good! Butt Monkey Streamer for night fishing Trout


Lady Gaga:

This is just a brown version pretty much of the butt monkey fly above. This is also a good color configuration during the day, as it does a pretty good job of representing crayfish or crawdads. Yes, trout do eat crayfish! Lady Gaga streamer for large brown trout day or night



This is just a sample of flies that will work well at night to catch the biggest trout in the river. There are a million different ways to change up any of these standard mouse patterns to make them more effective. Fly fishing at night is a deadly technique that will cleanse your soul if you are man enough to go out there and do it.

To see some of these mouse flies in action watch this video from the spring of 2014

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