How to Make a Transpiration Bag for Drinking Water

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How to Make a Transpiration Bag

The Transpiration bag is a very effective and easy way to secure water in almost any environment during a survival situation. Anywhere there is vegetation, it can be done.

As you can see in the image it is a very simple procedure. Wrap a bag around leafy branch on a tree. Tie the bag on with rope or string so none of the moisture can escape. The condensation should begin to accumulate in the bag shortly after the sun starts to beat on it. You can easily Put several of these on one tree. The branch does need to be in full sun for this to be effective. Please make sure that the tree is not poisonous! Poisonous trees will equate to poisonous liquid.
Place a rock in the bottom of the bag in the corner. This will encourage the water to all end up in one corner and make it easier for you to extract. There are a couple different ways to get the water out of this. You can either run a straw or a reed through the top of the bag down into the water, or you can cut a corner off the bottom of the bag and let the water pour out. Be sure to tie this hole off before you walk away, otherwise there will be no water there the next time you come by.

How to make a transpiration bag to procure water in survival

What is Transpiration?

Transpiration is the evaporation of water from parts of plants, especially from leaves but also from stems and flowers.

A fully grown tree might lose hundreds of gallons of water through its leaves on a hot day. About 90% of the water that enters a plant’s roots is used in the transpiration process.

Using the above filters and purification methods you should be able to clean water in almost any environment. Knowing how to clean water is an important skill.