Troutster Fly Fishing Video Series – Season 1

This post was last updated on July 23rd, 2017 at 11:51 pm

In spring of 2016 we started filming this series of fly fishing videos. I try to put out new ones as often as I can. Here you will find all of the available episodes. Within these videos we do all types of trout fishing. I’ve been driving all over the place to put these trout videos together. If you like these please subscribe to Troutster Flyfishing on Youtube here.

Here in episode one you can see my buddy Josh Jablow and Pat Hogan fishing for big trout with streamers and nymphs. This takes place on the Henry’s fork and the South fork of the Snake river in Idaho.

Casting big dry flies on the Henry’s fork for rainbow trout and some drift boat fishing on the South fork with nymphs. This fly fishing video has a bunch of my guide friends in it. Walker Hammond, Sean Hines, Josh Checkeroski and Jonathon Murray.

This video was filmed entirely in one small spot on the South fork. Most of the fishing is done in this video by my friend Josh Checkeroski. As we floated down the river casting small dry flies during a large mayfly hatch, I spotted a pod of very large rainbows eating dry flies. Within this school of fish was one in particular that was very large. We could not entice that fish to eat on the first day, so I went back there the next day and hooked it (see the last fish in the video). All of these fish were very eager to jump for us. This video is loaded with action packed jumping rainbow trout that you won’t want to miss.

Episode 4 was filmed on a slow river in Idaho, known for large and extremely picky trout. These fish live in very slow clear water making them a great challenge to catch for any angler. This is the only one of these fly fishing videos that has only me in it. I decided to take a slightly different approach and turn down the music in this one and talk to the camera a little more than usual.

Another trout fishing solo mission to create this video. Lots of trout caught all over the place, including a large cutbow caught after dark. You won’t want to miss this action packed episode.

I’ll go out on a limb and say you’ve probably never seen a fishing video quite like this. The hunt for brown October.

The filming of this video took place on a couple different rivers and lakes. We do some fishing with mouse flies in Idaho and Montana, some night and day fishing with small dry flies and a bunch more. This video has a lot of action and took me a long time to create.

Picky large trout is the name of the game in this video. Watch as I fish some ultra clear water for big trout that have masters degrees in trout fisherman. One trout in particular is very hard to catch. Do I catch this picky little stinker? Watch and see!

This video was filmed in Idaho on the snake river. These trout were all caught using a triple nymph rig in riffles and seams. We catch a few very nice trout in this episode. This is not one you should miss!

Episode 10 has arrived! In this video I head to Oregon to do some dry fly fishing for big browns. I catch some nice fish on small dry flies. During this trip there was a mishap with a setting on my camera microphone, so we do some bad lip reading with Herbert from Family guy. This episode is pretty funny and quite action packed. You wont want to miss this one!

Episode 11 Van Damme Style flyfishing is unlike any fishing video you’ve probably ever seen. See what happens when Jean Claude Van Damme and fly fishing are combined.

More trout fishing in Idaho on the Snake and Henry’s fork. In the first part of this episode my buddy Walker Hammond hooks a couple trout on the Henry’s fork. The second portion was filmed on a very slow day on the Snake. In order to make up for the lack of fish, I decided to increase the amount of singing, dancing and general stupidity.

This video is a summary of some of my personal favorite clips from all of 2016. We hook some nice fish and I will never forget all of the fun I had making these videos throughout the year. 2016 was a year of learning a lot about filming and editing. I’m certain that you can notice the difference in quality improve throughout the season. 2017 is sure to be a great year and I have some exciting destinations picked out for some big fish and unique filming opportunities.