MN Trout Streams Map

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Minnesota has a wide array of trout fishing opportunities as shown below in our MN trout streams map. The South East corner is home to most of the popular brown trout water. I have listed only a very small portion of the available rivers. The North east areas of Minnesota also has a massive trout population. There are so many small creeks that I could easily dedicate an entire website to the area. Most of these Northeastern rivers have a healthy population of brook trout. I understand that its a pretty common sight to see brook trout over 12″ in length. I also understand that the locals have no intention of sharing their favorite fishing holes. Honestly there are so many creeks you can visit the MN, DNR site and go through the maps there if you like. The best way to find the greatest fishing areas is to go out there and try a couple different streams. They are literally everywhere!

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USGS current water level data for your favorite Minnesota stream

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The MN Trout Streams Map