Make a Solar Still

This post was last updated on July 1st, 2021 at 08:35 am

Make A Solar Still For an Emergency Water Source

How to make an emergency solar still for water in the desert

In a Desert finding water can be a real task, and near the ocean finding fresh water can also be difficult. The Solar still will allow you to get every possible drop of it. In most survival situations it would be a good idea to make as many of these as possible, because this does not produce a lot of water. But it does produce water when there is no other alternative. Using this method you can not only convert your own urine into potable water, but you can actually desalinate saltwater for drinking. This will make extremely clean water. Any metals, salts, bacteria etc. will be eliminated. When the water is evaporated from the ground, into your solar still, the elements that you cannot drink are left behind.

To make the solar still you will need a cup or something to catch water, a plastic sheet, or bag, and a couple rocks.

  1. You will need to dig a hole in the ground. Try to find a spot that will likely be moist.
  • ​Place your water receptacle directly in the center of the bottom of the hole.
  • ​Lay your plastic sheet over the hole.
  • Put a rock, or something small and somewhat heavy in the center of the plastic. This will make a low point to concentrate the water to this spot, where it will drip into your cup below.
  • You will also need a few rocks, to put around the top of the plastic to hold it secure. You could also use dirt if you needed to.

Around the perimeter of your still you should dig a shallow trench. This will be where you will deposit your urine (if the ground has little to no moisture content). You would also pour saltwater into this trench. Make sure to dig you trench about 12″ from your still, so that the water flowing into it to be evaporated will already be filtered by the sand and dirt. You can also shred up vegetation and put it into your still. The sun will extract the moisture from these plants as well.

If you ever get hard up for water in the desert or a very dry area, this will be one of the best ways to get it. Learn how to make a solar still and you will be a lot better off if you ever end up without potable water available water. If you are looking for more information and other tactics for obtaining clean drinking water, check this link.