Fluorocarbon Vs Monofilament – Which is Best?

Flourocarbon and monofilament leaders

This post was last updated on August 21st, 2017 at 08:42 pmFluorocarbon vs Mono In this video I compare fluorocarbon with monofilament to decide if it’s worth it to buy the expensive fluoro. Honestly, after filming this video and testing these lines..I’m feeling like monofilament might be a better buy. Below you’ll read a lot … Read more

How To Setup a Fly Reel, Fly Line, Backing and Knots

How to Setup a Fly Reel

This post was last updated on February 19th, 2015 at 12:30 amSetting up a Fly Reel Start To Finish This task is easy if you know a few knots and should only take a couple minutes to accomplish. There are a few things you will need in order to get your fly reel ready for … Read more

Fly Line Backing – Everything you Need to Know

Backing for fly reel and line

This post was last updated on February 18th, 2015 at 04:12 pmWhat is Fly Line Backing? Fly line backing is normally made of dacron or braided polyester, it is the first layer of line you will put on your fly reel. It is generally sold in 50-100 yard spools.  Backing is a braided line made up … Read more

Fly Fishing Tippet and Leaders

Choose the right size tippet and leaders for fly fishing.

This post was last updated on December 15th, 2015 at 05:14 pmHow to Choose the Proper Fly Fishing Tippet and Leaders There are a number of different sizes of tippets and leaders available. Each size fish will require one of a different size. Here I will outline the differences, so you are sure to make … Read more

Fly Fishing Basics (Line, leader, backing and tippet rigging)

The line leader and tippet used in a basic fly fishing setup.

This post was last updated on February 26th, 2015 at 12:01 amFly fishing Basics (Line) The Fly fishing line has a few basic parts. In order to properly set up your reel, you will need to know the order to Piece it all together. This can seem a little confusing to a new fly fisherman. … Read more