A Day in the Life of A Salmonfly Video

Salmonfly pops out of nymph casingI spent a while on the river the past weeks capturing various moments in the life of salmonflies. I caught a lot of fish while filming this thing, but I only included one big brown trout in the video. I wanted to keep this short and sweet so people might be inclined to watch the whole thing.

Since this isn’t a cute cat video, I’m sure not too many people will watch it. Hopefully if you do, you’ll share it with your friends! :) These videos cost me a lot of time and money to create…Since I am essentially a non profit at this point I’m considering taking a break from filming and editing. I’ve got a couple more videos worth of footage, so I’ll have more videos coming soon. After that, I’ll be doing a lot of guiding this summer to try to make some money, so I probably won’t film too much until the fall.

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