Do Trout Have Scales

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Trout are one of the most popular fish to target in the US. You may be asking, “Do trout have scales?” The short answer is yes. In the rest of this article, we’ll talk about how their scales are different, how to scale a trout, if individual types of trout have scales and more. Read on to learn the answers related to do trout have scales!

Are Trout Scales Different?

Trout do have scales and are very different from other fish. Why? They do not produce a slime coating of mucous like most freshwater and saltwater fish do. This helps to protect the trout from the constant rubbing against rocks, plants, etc.

Their scales are also not perfectly smooth like some fish, but are covered in microscopic hairs. The action of the water passing over these tiny hairs creates a thin layer of turbulence on the surface of their skin, making them more streamlined and faster. This is called lateral line reduction.

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Do You Need to Scale Trout to Eat It?

You don’t have to, but it’s probably a good idea to remove them if they are present, especially for larger trout. The best way is to use a descaler or the dull side of a knife. Scrape the dull side of the knife against the grain of the scales with moderrate pressure.

Do All Trout Species Have Scales?

Yes, all trout species have scales. Learn about each one by clicking below:

In Conclusion – Do Trout Have Scales?

All in all, trout do have scales. Their size may vary slightly from fish to fish, but in general, they are all small scales. Typically, we recommend you descale all trout you plna to eat, but definitely descale larger trout. Hopefully this article answers your questions about do trout have scales.

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