Dry Fly Brownie in Oregon

This post was last updated on July 16th, 2021 at 11:37 am

I found myself driving through Oregon a couple weeks ago and could not pass up the chance to hit the river. I was driving within an hour of one of my favorite trout rivers of all time.

It was a hot day and the river was busy with tubers and a lot of fisherman. I searched for an hour and finally located a fish I wanted to hook. With the bright sun and high heat, the fish were not very active. I have no doubt that later in the day fishing would have been fantastic, but I had a long drive and did not have any time to waste.

I tied on a small size #16 Grey fox parachute pattern and began casting at the sipping trout. within a few minutes he was fooled and I did my best to film the fight without having a tripod with me! Enjoy