Fish Pimp Strike Indicators

This post was last updated on December 3rd, 2022 at 07:42 pm

A tube full of new fish pimp strike indicatorsThe foam fish pimp indicators are a fairly new product from Boise, Idaho. They are a small easy to apply strike indicator for fly fishing that seem to work pretty well. They come in a pack of six with a plastic storage tube to keep them in.

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These strike indicators are quite small, so they wouldn’t be able to hold up a more than one heavily weighted nymph or a steelhead rig. For casual nymphing in shallow water in mild current, these indicators will work well.

Benefits of the Fish Pimp Indicator:

  • Lightweight: These indicators don’t really weigh anything and you can barely feel them on the line.
  • Easy to Apply: With a slot in the indicator and a small piece of surgical tubing inside, you simply put your line through the slot and twist the tubing to put them onto your line.
  • Golf ball dimples: Now I am not sure if the dimples in these indicators actually make a difference in casting, but in theory they should help.
  • Nice storage tube: With each purchase of these indicators you will get a nice storage tube to fit in your vest.

The Downside

  • Small size is not capable of holding up a double weighted or heavy nymph rig.

6 fish pimp strike indicators being poured out of their storage tube


Overall I like these indicators. They are lighter than the standard small foam bobbers and they go on quickly and seem to stay put very well. For a single nymph angler or fishing in slower/more shallow water, these would be a very good choice for most people. They are reasonably priced at about $5.00 per tube of 6, so at less than a dollar each they are a good deal. I was able to keep a fish pimp indicator on my line for several hours while nymphing a small stream and it never came off even after hitting multiple rocks.

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