EZ Caddis Fly Pattern

This post was last updated on April 11th, 2015 at 10:57 pm

Olive ez caddis fly pattern
This simple yet effective caddis pattern is generally pretty good for me. Perhaps it’s best trait is the high visibility parachute. Most caddis patterns are hard to see when they are out a ways on the water, but not this one.

Materials to Tie the EZ Caddis:

  • Calf tail or white calf body hair for the parachute/post
  • Grizzly hackle
  • Life Cycle Dubbing in olive
  • Olive poly or antron yarn: a small amount of this is placed below the wing to improve floating ability and to give the fly a nice sheen.
  • Size 12-14 standard dry fly hook
  • Wood duck flank feather, imitation mallard or hungarian partridge for the wings

Font view of olive ez caddis fly
Side view of the olive easy caddis fly

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