Female Adams

Female Adams Dry Fly The Female Adams Dry Fly

This classic pattern is tied mostly just like the original Adams trout fly, except it has a bit of yellow at the back end to simulate an egg sac. Most mayfly females will have a visible sac of eggs as they are breeding and this fly does a good job of imitating many different types. I have noticed on more than a few occasions the fish seem to prefer the yellow butted female version of the Adams over the standard. If you don’t have any of these you should go hit the vice and tie some of these up using the small list of materials that you probably already have.

Tying the Female Adams

This fly is very easy to tie with exception of the wings taking a little practice to get perfect. The trout don’t really care about the wings at all, so even poorly tied wings will still catch plenty of trout.


  • Brown hackle
  • Grizzly hackle
  • Grey dubbing
  • Yellow dubbing
  • Black thread
  • Hook size of choice (12-14 would be a good size to start with)

Top view of the female adams dry fly

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