Golden Stones

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Rogue Foam Stone fly
This is a great Rogue golden stonefly pattern. The body is made from sealed cell foam making it a great floating fly for long periods of time. They tend to get mangled quickly after a few fish, but the bottom line is they catch fish! The one shown has caught a fish or two. I have also colored it a little darker on the body to make it slightly more realistic to the fish. The real golden stoneflies are much darker than this fly is usually tied.
Golden stone fly pattern with rubber legs
This has been a good fly for me. It is very natural looking with all the rubber legs on it. I can honestly say I don’t know the name of this fly. But is is a great pattern. The body is poly with elk hair wings and rubber pumpkin colored legs. It even comes with a heavy monofilament brush guard in the front. Not that anyone reading this ever hooks trees or brush though..
Pretty standard golden stone fly pattern.
Another great stone fly pattern. This is a good imitation of a natural. Its tied with almost all deer hair.
The Sofa pillow golden stonefly pattern
Another great sofa pillow type fly. These golden stones aren’t exactly pretty, but the fish sure like them. They also are very easy to see and float well.
Clark's stone fly trout fishing
Clark’s Stone A golden stone fly variation. There are a ton of varieties of the golden stonefly. Many types have foam, others with deer hair wrapped bodies.

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