Lady Beaverkill Dry Fly

A front view of the lady beaverkill dry fly. These beautiful flies truly belong in everyone’s fly boxes. The Lady beaverkill pattern is a thing of beauty and is one of my all time favorites for every area I fish. It does a great job of mimicking a large variety of insects and is sure to work well all season long on a river near you.

A profile view of the lady beaverkill fly, this image shows off the beauty of this productive fly.

Tying the Lady Beaverkill

This is a simple to tie fly and it only requires a few materials you you most likely already have in your fly tying bench.


Dubbing: Grey and yellow

Hackle and Tail: Brown or ginger neck

Wings: Grey mallard quill

The Tying Process

  1. Start by grabbing a small amount of your brown hackle and tying in the tail.
  2. Proceed with the insertion of the yellow dubbing to simulate the egg sac of the fly and continue 2/3 of the way up the body with the grey dubbing.
  3. Carefully place the mallard quill wings into position and tie those in.
  4. Finish by wrapping some brown hackle around the wings which will help to keep them in position.


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