Pink Cahill

Pink cahill parachute dry fly
Pink cahill parachute dry fly

This standard looking dry fly is a must have for most fly fisherman. Even if your area doesn’t get a pink cahill looking fly hatch, you should still keep some of these on hand. They are such a versatile pattern, that almost anytime there is a light colored mayfly hatching you can probably get fish to eat this thing! The fly in the picture is a size 18, but i like all sizes between 12 -20 in this pattern.

Materials for Tying the Pink Cahill Parachute

  • Cream colored neck hackle
  • Calf body hair for the parachute
  • Dry fly dubbing of your choice in the pink color
  • Pink thread (white thread will also work just as good in my experience)
  • Standard dry fly hooks such as Mustad 94840 or similar

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