Stimulator Chew Toy

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Chewtoy Stimulator Trout Fishing Fly

Stimulator Chew Toy Fly Picture
The Stimulator Chewtoy is just a glorified stimulator fly, but it has a few extra feature that make it tempting to lots of trout. This particular chewtoy stimulator is orange and works well after the salmonfly hatch out west. It seems the trout are still looking for orange, but they aren’t looking for flies as big as salmon flies. They have already seen every salmon fly offering imaginable and they are looking for something just a little different. The Chewtoy stimulator has a nice pair of foam wings and a set of rubber legs that will differentiate it from other stimulator flies.

I personally find this fly to work well during the golden stone hatch even though it is the wrong color. This fly tends to be particularly effective on cutthroat trout in all areas, but all trout will certainly eat it under the right conditions. It is well worth having a few chewtoy stimulators in your arsenal of off the wall dry flies. Everyone has those days where trout don’t seems to be feeding on anything in particular; yet you throw something ugly and gaudy at them and they respond. This seems to be that type of fly and the results overall have been very good.

These can obviously be tied in every color imaginable and will work for a lot of different hatches. This easily represents many different species of stoneflies and even hoppers. The stimulator should already be in your flybox, but the upgraded chewtoy version should also have a place there.

The stimulator chewtoy trout fly, a great stonefly representation. The stimulator chewtoy side view image, this is a great all around fly.

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