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The Stimulator fly is a small stonefly interpretation. It also works well during some caddis hatches. This has always been a good fly for me. The large orange versions below will work well during the salmonfly hatch. The palmered hackle body of the stimulator pattern is a great attractor for trout. They tend to float very well and are quite versatile whenever opportunistic trout are feeding on the surface. Every fly fishing enthusiast should keep a few varieties of this fly pattern on hand.

Tying the Stimulator Trout Fly

You will need:

  • Deer Body Hair for the tail and wings
  • Brown Hackle for the palmered body
  • Grizzly hackle for the head of the fly
  • 2 various colors of dry fly type dubbing, you can obviously change the colors to represent the particular type of stonefly you are trying to imitate. You will notice the first 2 varieties below are an attempt at the giant salmonfly stone. They are tied on large #2 size hooks.
  • Red or pink thread for the head of the fly. This is optional, but it really sets off this fly pattern nicely.
Giant Salmonfly Orange Stimulator
What a tremendous salmonfly this big orange stimulator represents! This will attract trout easily during the giant stonefly hatch.


Large Orange Stimulator fly pattern with rubber legs.

Stimulator fly pattern
A great little fly. This particular color and size (14) is a good yellow sally stonefly interpretation.

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