Triple Decker Foam Hopper

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A great looking fly called the triple decker hopper. Made from 3 layers of foam.

Triple Decker Foam Hopper Fly Pattern

This fly will make a great addition to any hopper aficionado’s fly box. The simplistic beauty of three layers of closed cell foam complimenting the well spaced but uncrowded look of the legs make this hopper pattern ultra realistic to the trout.  Many fly patterns tend to look a little busy from below, but this triple decker is simple looking and effective. The foam can obviously be created in any color configuration. As you can see this one was tied using an orange underside and a bright pink back. The orange belly allows it to work well as not only a hopper, but it has a great profile and perfect color of a salmonfly. The pink upper makes it bright and easy to see in foamy and rough water.

My main gripe about the super effective rainy’s hopper is its hard to see coloration. Once that fly is 15 yards out it really disappears, but this pink color with bright yellow accent on the triple decker is easy to see from long distances. I like to tie triple decker hopper flies in yellow and tan belly colors as well, since that is the standard coloration of most hoppers. Another reason I truly adore this simple pattern is its sleek, non line twisting shape while casting it. The lack of wing material gives it perfectly even aerodynamics, saving you headaches from twisted leaders and tippets.

Showing the orange belly of this great hopper trout fly.
From this angle you can see the simple beauty of this hopper fly.

Triple decker hopper

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