Wickhams Fancy Dry Fly – Pattern and Tying Materials

Wickhams fancy fly. Tied using brown  hackle, gold ribbing and duck wing feathers. The Wickhams Fancy A Simple, Yet Amazingly Effective Attractor Pattern for Trout

This fly was originally tied in the Catskills and has become a true classic pattern. It doesn’t necessarily mimic a specific mayfly, but it does do a great job of catching the attention of trout and looking buggy in general. Perhaps the most  noticeable feature of this great fly is the gold ribbing underneath the palmered hackled body. This gold tinsel will catch the light and really get the trout to take a closer look. The generous brown hackle on  this fly is great for superior floating ability, yet thin enough to easily see through and allow the body to show and mimic the natural diameter of a mayflies body size.

Materials to Tie the Wickhams Fancy Fly

  • Dark ginger hackle for the tail and body wraps
  • Gold tinsel
  • Slate grey mallard quill for the wings
  • Black thread
  • Dry fly hooks of choice (size 12-16 would be good sizes to start with)

The Wickhams fancy is a versatile fly pattern that is extremely easy to tie, if you don’t have any in your boxes you should get to work on tying some up.


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