Crane Fly Larvae

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Crane Fly Larvae with a latex back
The Crane Fly is a very widespread insect in the US. (See the adult cranefly pattern here)This is a healthy meal for trout. They are often eager to eat it if there have been natural craneflies in the area. They hatch throughout much of the summer, and can mean great fishing for you if the fish are eating them. Crane Flies are also known as “mosquito eaters”. This particular fly is tied on a size #8 hook ,with a trimmed maribou tail, flashy dubbing and a latex back.

Crane Fly Larva Pattern

Shown here are several variations on the cranefly larva. There are a lot of great ways to tie this productive pattern as you will see below.

Cranefly larva tied with beadhead and peacock herl
Yarn Cranefly larvae

A heavy bead head Crane Fly Patter for Trout Fishing.
This Cranefly is Tied with a heavy Tungsten bead head. It is a smaller version than the one above. It it another fairly simple fly to tie. This Has a brown hackle tail, Tan rabbit fur dubbing, pheasant tail back all wrapped in gold ribbing.
A live crane fly larva
Shown here is a live crane fly larva found in a small Idaho creek.

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