Green Butted Skunk

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Green butt skunk patternThe green butted skunk pattern is great for salmon of all species and steelhead. You can drift it like a nymph, or swing it- either way it is a great fly that is super simple to tie.
The materials needed to tie this pattern are included in just about every beginners fly tying kit. If you don’t have what it takes to tie one up, even the most bare bones assortment at any fly shop or craft store will have it all.

The Materials Needed

  • Tiemco TMC 7999 spey style hooks
  • Wide silver tinsel
  • Calf tail for the wing
  • Chenille (black and chartreuse)
  • Saddle hackle (black and grizzly)
  • Red hackle fibers for the tail


This pattern can also be tied in different color variations. The green butt shown here is the most popular, but it is commonly tied with a red butt. This traditional fly is usually fished with the standard wet fly swing technique. This pattern is responsible for catching a lot of Atlantic salmon using the swing method.


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