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Scud or Freshwater Shrimp Fly Patterns

The versatile scud for catching large brown trout
The Scud! These are fresh water shrimp that are a delicacy for trout, they are a favorite food for them. Don’t be crazy and have a nymph box without some of these in it. I have found the scud to be one of the first flies I switch to when it seems like the trout just aren’t eating anything. A lot of times they will eat this when all else fails.
Yellow Scud fly pattern
This beautiful scud pattern has copper ribbing, and an overall yellow colored synthetic body. This is a good one to really get the fishes attention quickly. A simple but effective trout pattern.
Another Great scud pattern for fly fishing trout.
A very simple scud pattern to tie, yet very effective. This particular fly is tied with a Transparent back material, brown rabbit fur dubbing, biots on the head and a brown hackle tail.

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