Fly Fishing Elitest Snobs vs Trout

This post was last updated on May 6th, 2014 at 10:49 pm

Fly Fishing Elitist Snob Rant

Fly Fishing Elitist sign in the river has been reserved. It would seem that Many Elitist fisherman look at other fly fisherman with disgust. You can tell by the way they seem to present themselves on the river. You know the guy, he’s the one with the $500 pair of waders and the $1000 rod. He struts out of his yellow hummer at the parking lot, and exudes a sense of complete ownership of the river. He will happily walk (or float) within a few feet of you and cast right on top of the fish you are casting at. Why wouldn’t he? As far as he is concerned he has more money than you do, he feels more successful, and his wife probably has huge breasts.

The fact is..

Usually this guy casts using his wrist, he will slap the heck out of the water and rarely ever hook many fish. He is so arrogant, that if you try to tell him he needs to change this or that about his casting style, that he will never listen. He is positively right 100% of the time. The reason he is not catching any fish is not because of his crappy drifts, dragging flies and violent water slaps; Its because the fish “aren’t biting”. He will look upon your mediocre $200 rod, strait down his nose with an astonishing amount of disgust and contempt. Hes spends most of his money hiring the best guides in the world and fishing in exotic locations. But somehow, after the thousands of dollars he has spent on guides, gear, plane tickets and fly fishing videos, he still cannot cast?

If you are this guy, Here’s why you can’t cast!

It because you don’t listen! As far as you are concerned you already know everything. By admitting you are wrong and accepting advice you will become a better fisherman. For some “listening” is a sign of defeat. It means that you admit you are not as good at something as the person giving the advice. Therefore listening and taking advice is clearly not an option.

Very Few Things in Life cannot be purchased, But the Brown Trout is one

The trout don’t care how much money you have, or how big your wife’s breasts are. The only thing they care about is not getting caught. They will never hit your fly because of how much you payed for it, or because it was casted with a rod that costs more than my car. In order to hook the elusive brown trout you will need to understand this. The trout will accept nothing but the best and most realistic presentations. This is something you cannot buy, it can only be earned by time on the river and knowledge of the fish. There is a reason why the 18 year old local kid who uses the Kmart rod can, and will continue to out fish you every day of the week. Your three trips a year to the river, your arrogant attitude and all the money in the world will never be enough to convince the trout..