The Parts of a Fly Rod

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There are a lot of fly fishing rod parts that you will need to know to “talk the talk”. Learn the names of each part of the fly rod and reel that can get people confused in this great sport of flyfishing. Many visitors will find this very basic information, but fly fishing is a fast growing sport with new fisherman starting everyday. We all start somewhere eh? Here are the most important fly fishing rod parts.

The parts of a fly fishing rod, fly fishing rod parts

Parts of a Fly Fishing Rod

Here’s a Breakdown of Each Fly Fishing Rod Part

1). The Ferrule: This is the point in the rod where it attaches to the next piece.

2). The guides:  These mechanisms guide your line along the length of the rod. As you can see in the image, this style of guide is called a snake because of it’s shape. There are a couple other styles such as single foot and double foot guides.

3). Hook or fly holder: This is made to hold your fly in a convenient easy to access location. I am always surprised by the amount of people that thread fly line through this thing.

4). The Handle: Commonly made from cork, but sometimes foam and even plastic on some very inexpensive rods.

5). The reel seat: This is the point of the rod where the reel sits, usually made from carbon fiber, graphite and even fancy rare types of wood.

6). Drag adjustment: This is the knob that will control the amount of resistance felt when line is pulled from the reel. Many reels do not have this feature, so don’t worry if you don’t see this knob on your reel. You will simply have to control the amount of pressure by using your hand against the rim of the reel(known as palming).

7). Fighting Butt:  Many rods have this feature, but it is most commonly found on higher weight rods of 6 weight and up. It is used for placing the butt of he rod against your body during a fight with a large fish.

In Conclusion – Fly Fishing Rod Parts Explained

We hope this fly fishing rod part identification guide has been a valuable resource for understanding fly fishing rods. Fly fishing can be a very fun sport and understand the parts of your rod and how the fishing techniques work will help you have a better time.

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