Making a Jungle A Frame Shelter

This post was last updated on July 16th, 2021 at 11:36 am

How to make a Survival Jungle A-Frame Shelter

For starters you will need: 

  • Rope or cordage
  • 7 sticks that can hold your body weight
  • a tarp, blanket or sheet (preferably 2)
  • Cutting tools (knife, ax, machete etc.)
Step 1: Make your first “A”. Bury the ends and attach to a tree at the fork.

Step 1). Make your first “A” and attach it to the crotch of a tree, or heavy branches of a tree.  Bury the ends of the “A” so they are sturdy. This will be easier if they are sharp, ideally you should be able to push them in to the ground.

As you can see this is a simple procedure. You won’t have to have a degree in engineering to change it up a little bit too. If you didn’t have a tarp, even a thin sheet would work for the top or the bed area. If you are trying to stay dry by using just a sheet over the top, you could cover it with leaves and pine bows. If you stack them on thick enough you should be able to keep out of the weather.

This simple shelter should keep you warm and cozy in most environments. It is especially good when you are just trying to avoid crawling insects. By placing your top sheet and bedding in the right fashion this will do a great job of keeping you almost totally out of the wind. The Jungle A frame is a great shelter to use all over the world!

Step 2). Secure your second A frame and tie in a cross beam in a similar manner to the first one. However, this second frame will not be supported by a tree.
Step 3). Securely attach your 2 beams to your desired sleeping level with heavy rope or cordage.
Step 4). Tying the grommets together at the bottom of your tarp. If you are using a sheet, you can easily tie it in a similar fashion with 4 sets of knots on the bottom of the bed.
Building a Jungle A-frame shelter
Step 5). Tie a tarp or sheet tightly over the top to keep you dry.