Pipe Water to Your Campsite

This post was last updated on July 16th, 2021 at 11:36 am

How to bring water to your campsite the easy way

To pull this off all you will need is some sort of hose or tubing, a bottle or jug and a towel or piece of clothing. The silicone tubing is very cheap at all hardware stores and weighs very little. That would work pretty well for this project. You simply camp downhill from a spring or stream. Place the head of the jug facing downhill also. Run the tubing from a hole you created in the tip of the jug, down to a bucket or container in camp. Tie a log to the top of the jug to keep it in place.how to pipe water to your campsite from a stream Poke a bunch of holes in the jug so water can enter it. Wrap the jug in a piece of clothing, or some sort of cloth bag. You will need this to filter the water; Without this filter debris will plug your hose. When you have enough water in your container plug the hose with something to prevent overflows.

This will work in a stream or a spring. You might have to poke around a little bit to find the perfect place to put this. You need to make sure the head of this is facing downwards. it is gravity fed, so it will not work otherwise. It does not take much incline at all to make this work. Make sure to boil any water you plan to drink. This is a pretty neat trick!