$River Pimpin$ – Some Seriously Out Of Whack Fly Fishing Vids

OK, so I made these videos after I bought a pimp suit from the internet. They (I would like to think are semi-funny) but you can be the judge of that. I doubt you can imagine the looks I got from passers by as I made my way to a secluded area of the river to make these. You have no idea how many crazy looks I got after my van broke down after making the second video and I had to walk home 12 miles.

This last one might be my funniest video in history. I really enjoyed making it anyway. At this time it has almost 200 views, so I consider it a major flop.

So this last video is not related to fly fishing, but it was my motivation to create my pimpin videos. I spent most of my life living in Michigan and before I became a fly fishing guide/web developer I was a semi-pro bass fisherman. Quite frankly, I love bass fishing just as much as I do trout fishing. Since last year I was living in MI on a very good lake for bass, I threw this bass fishing video together. It won’t be my last, because the first fish I truly fell in love with was the bass.