Troutster Fly Fishing Experience – Episode 2 – Dry Flies on the Henry’s Fork and Nymphing on the South Fork

Finally dry fly fishing has taken off and episode 2 is here. In this episode, we catch the height of the salmonfly hatch on the Henry’s fork and my buddy Walker Hammond catches a ton of fish on dries. After that, we move onto the South fork and do some drift boat fishing with various nymphs. There are a ton of great hooksets and some pretty nice fish on this video. I apologize for not having this thing done a long time ago, but things have gotten rather hectic.

In the next video I will be unleashing a special surprise that you won’t want to miss! I have already begun filming and some of the shots in that video you will not believe! (picture trout eating a dry fly inches from the camera lens!)

If there is something specific that you would like to see done different in the next video, feel free to comment below. If you don’t like the music and think there should be more talking etc. I really want to hear about it. Thanks for watching!

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