Tying the Perfection Loop Knot

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The perfection loop knot

How to Tie the Perfection Loop

This knot will come in handy for tying your new leaders that might have not come from the factory with the knot already tied, or can be used to form the loop on the butt section of monofilament coming off your fly line. It is very simple and is a very common knot to need while on the river. It is such an easy knot that all fly fisherman should have it down pat in no time flat. If you want to watch an easy to follow step by step video for this knot skip to the end of this article, for those who learn better from pictures and reading; the following knot diagrams are for you.

This knot is also commonly used to make the loops for the ends of snelled hooks for bait fishing. It is in fact among the strongest loop knots known and can be used for a huge variety of fishing situations.

Step 1 to tie the perfection loop knot
Step two of tutorial How to tie the perfection loop knotStep 3 for tying perfection loop knot
The final step to tying the perfection loop knot


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