What Size Hook for Trout – All About Hooks

Hooks are the central component of most fishing lures. If you’re wondering what size hook for trout, this article will help. The right hook is often the item that determines success or failure on the water. Basic knowledge about what size hook should be used for trout fishing is definitely something that every angler should know. The best size hook for trout will depend on your situation and the size of trout you’re going after. Generally speaking, some of the best trout hook sizes are in the 8-14 range. Trout have small mouths, so smaller hooks tend to work well. Read on to learn more about what size hook for trout fishing and much more.

What’s the Best Type of Hook for Trout?

The best type of hook for trout will differ from angler to angler, but some generalizations can be made. For starters, most people prefer the standard barbless hooks for trout fishing. Barbed hooks tend to rip fins and flesh as they get set, which can be worse for conservation especially if you aren’t keeping your catch. While barbless hooks may seem a little more challenging to bait, they can actually do a better job of keeping your bait in tact without the barb in place.

Another good hook type is the Circle Hook, which has gained popularity as of late. Circle hooks are generally easier to set than other similar hooks like J hooks. They also cause less damage to the fish.

Lastly, Treble hooks are popular among fishermen who use powerbait or when trolling, but you should only use treble hooks if you plan to keep the fish. We do not recommend trebles for catch and release trout fishing.

Different Hooks for Different Trout Species

The size and type of hook you use may vary slightly for each trout species. Learn more about each individual species below:

Reputation of Smaller Hooks

Smaller hooks have had something of a bad reputation among some anglers, who think that they are not as strong or effective as bigger hooks. Some people would even go so far as to say that smaller hooks can actually be detrimental to fishing success because fish tend to get injured more frequently with smaller hooks and that can have negative effects on their overall feeding habits. People who think this way claim that big hook size is related to the larger lures which also tend to produce a lot of flash for attracting fish.

The truth of the matter is that bigger size isn’t always better, especially for the small mouths of trout. While it’s true that a large hook can add some flash to your bait, smaller hooks are actually much more capable of getting the job done than their larger counterparts. That’s because small hooks have thinner wire and sharper points which help ensure that when you set the hook, you get to keep your fish. When you’re talking about what size hook for trout, a smaller hook is generally better. Big hooks may produce the flash, but they also have a stronger tendency to get snagged on rocks and trees. Anglers who use smaller hooks are less likely to lose their catch as a result of snags.

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In Conclusion – What Size Hook for Trout?

In general, the best hook size for trout is in the 10-14 range. Trout do not have large mouths, so smaller hooks are typically a more successful option. The best type of hook for trout fishing is either a barbless hook or a circle hook. If you’re planning on catch and release, you should definitely use a barbless hook. Treble hooks can be successful with powerbait and when trolling, but only if you plan to keep your catch.

Hopefully this article about what size hook for trout clears up any questions you had. Happy fishing!

What Size Hook for Trout FAQ

What’s a good size treble hook for trout?

We recommend something in the size 12 range for trout fishing.

Do circle hooks work on trout?

Circle hooks work well for trout. We recoommend a circle hook in the 8-14 range for trout fishing.  These hooks work well with bait and lures.  They also tend to keep fish in tact, which is good for both fishermen and fish alike.

What size hook should I use on a trout jig?

We recommend something in the 8-10 range for trout fishing. These hooks tend to get bit often by hungry river trout.

Does the wire thickness matter on hooks for trout fishing?

Wire thickness is not as important as size for trout, but people tend to like thinner wires for smaller hooks because they are easier to set in bait without tearing it up too much. Thinner wires also mean less damage if the hook gets caught on something.

Should I use a bobber for trout?

Bobbers are a popular choice for trout fishing, especially when you’re using bait. They keep the bait off of the bottom of the water and closer to where trout can grab it.